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Bread which has been a common staple since prehistoric times is still a prominent food in large parts of the world and is a potential source of a great number of nutrients in your diet. You can easily buy flavorsome and appetizing Arabic, Lebanese and Naan bread from FeeDo Online Store.

Moreover, FeeDo also offers a wide range of top-quality bakery products such as flour, baking powder, vanilla, and yeast. You will also find other items that are prepared from flour or some other form of grains like vegan and vegetarian breadsticks, pies, muffins, cookies, and some other tasty treats that go perfectly with coffee or tea.

Al Durra Bread Sticks With Sesame 454g
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Brand: Durra
This delicacy by Al Durra which has origins in Italy- is a perfect snack or a pre-meal appetizer that is often enjoyed with black tea or milk. The toasted sesame seeds on its crust gives it a unique crispy texture which makes it more flavorful and delicious with every bite...
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Brand: Aytac
Aytac Flour -finely milled wheat or some other grains- lends the basic structure to baked goods. From breads to cookies, biscuits to cakes, baking is an art of converting flour into delicious food. ..
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Brand: Domo
Domo Baking powder is your cake's best friend. It is exactly what you will need to fill your mold and give beautiful curves to your pastries. Only a small amount does the job well by efficiently increasing the volume and lightening the texture of all your baked goods. ..
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Brand: Domo
Vanilla powder is a pure, alcohol-free, and unadulterated vanilla bean that lends a great amount of flavor to anything you bake. Sprinkle this Halal Domo Vanilla Powder directly onto fruits, waffles, oatmeal or any other food to instantly add a rich vanilla flavor to your meal. And because it d..
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Brand: Domo
Commonly associated with bread and baking, yeast has been an integral part of the human diet for thousands of years. Domo Yeast serves as a leavening agent that causes the bread to rise and expand making it lighter and softer just perfect to be consumed...
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These classic plain and crispy breadsticks by Gota work great as a snack or for dipping in sauces. They are simple but taste delicious just like they came out from a restaurant...
Ex Tax:£2.29
Are you craving for crispy and crunchy Grissini? These deliciously flavorful Gota bread sticks that have black seeds on them are a perfect snack for you.  ..
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Sesame seeds take bread sticks to the next level of flavor. Perfectly served as a side with your soup or you can also have these Gota bread sticks with sesame seeds in a traditional way along with white cheese and a cup of mint tea. ..
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Yeast has been an essential component of the common staple of human diet since the time when ancient Egyptians used it to make bread around thousands of years ago. Used in small quantity, Hovis Bakery yeast can expand your bread and make it softer and lighter...
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Cocoa powder- one of the essentials when making chocolate desserts. An unsweetened chocolate item by Kook that adds an instant deep chocolate flavor to desserts and beverages...
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Also known as Khubz/Khubs-These small brown Syrian, Arabic, and Lebanese Wholemeal bread is made from whole grains such as whole wheat. It is a staple of a low-carb diet, providing nutrition and health benefits at the same time...
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"Originated in the Middle East, White Arabic bread or also called Khubz/Khubs, Arabic Bread, Lebanese bread or Syrian bread, form a staple of local diet from Arabian Peninsula to the Morrocan region.It can be used to scoop dips or sauces like hummus or to wrap gyros, kebabs or falafel. It can be cut..
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