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Breadsticks are a delicacy with origins in Italy. Simple in texture but delicious in taste, Breadsticks have long been used as a pre-meal appetizer often enjoyed with milk or black tea in various countries around the world.

FeeDo brings you some of the top quality breadsticks from the world’s renowned brands that are as fresh as if they just came out of the oven. Available plain or topped with black seeds or sesame seeds, these breadsticks feature a unique crispy crust that can be enjoyed with soup or mint tea or for dipping in sauces. Simply delectable with every bite.

Al Durra Bread Sticks With Sesame 454g
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Brand: Durra
This delicacy by Al Durra which has origins in Italy- is a perfect snack or a pre-meal appetizer that is often enjoyed with black tea or milk. The toasted sesame seeds on its crust gives it a unique crispy texture which makes it more flavorful and delicious with every bite...
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These classic plain and crispy breadsticks by Gota work great as a snack or for dipping in sauces. They are simple but taste delicious just like they came out from a restaurant...
Ex Tax:£2.29
Are you craving for crispy and crunchy Grissini? These deliciously flavorful Gota bread sticks that have black seeds on them are a perfect snack for you.  ..
Ex Tax:£2.29
Sesame seeds take bread sticks to the next level of flavor. Perfectly served as a side with your soup or you can also have these Gota bread sticks with sesame seeds in a traditional way along with white cheese and a cup of mint tea. ..
Ex Tax:£2.29
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