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Dates & Dried Fruits

Dates, raisins and dried fruits have been popular fruits of the Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years. Greatly preferred in other parts of the globe for their scrumptious taste and enlivening textures, these items make a common staple of the locals and also widely used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Packing a bunch of essentials nutrients, you will find some premium quality dates, raisins, and dried fruits at FeeDo, which not only provide you a nutritional energy boost on the go but also can be used to add a great tropical flavor to your daily recipes and baked goods.

Brand: Aytac
"Packed with a great source of fiber in each serving, these succulent dried apricots from Aytac are moist, plump, and chewy that gradually melt in your mouth. Larger apricots like these Dry Jumbo Apricots are vibrant in taste that tends to be sweeter and tastier than the smaller ones making the..
Ex Tax:£1.89
Choco Medjool is a Palestinian Medjool date along with roasted almonds, covered with fine milk chocolate. Perfect for snacking, sharing, or serving along with tea/coffee...
Ex Tax:£8.69
"Dates are wonderfully sweet and a popular fruit of the Arabian Peninsula. A common staple of the Middle East that is also enjoyed throughout the globe in baking and cooking. Date Crown Khalas dates are exceptionally high in nutrients that provide you an energy boost and act as a great snack, a..
Ex Tax:£3.99
A Middle Eastern nutty delicacy. Lobas raisins sausage with walnuts is an absolute feast for your senses. High in nutritional value, the raisins in this snack add a savory surprise, and the walnuts deliver a satisfying roasted crunch in it and that as a whole will surely tickle your taste buds...
Ex Tax:£0.70
Brand: Aytac
"Diced mangoes are a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, and fibers. Excellent-tasting for snacking and just the right size for baking and using in other mixes. With their sweet, and luscious taste, Monalisa diced mangoes can add a great tropical flavor to your daily recipes."..
Ex Tax:£1.99
Brand: Aytac
 Monalisa diced papayas are just the right size for adding in baked items like muffins, cupcakes, scones, and bread. With its delicious tropical flavor, it is a great snack on its own. Also, offers a big boost of fiber and antioxidants when added to your diet. ..
Ex Tax:£1.69
Brand: Aytac
Loaded with real sweetness and vital nutrients, Monalisa diced pineapples are perfectly sized for snacking and to be added in oatmeal, cereals, cakes, and other baked items.  ..
Ex Tax:£1.39
Brand: Aytac
Perfectly plump, moist, and delicately sweet, these healthy Monalisa golden sultana raisins are a great snack and an ideal addition to cookies, quickbreads, muffins, and cereals. Also used widely in savory dishes in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine...
Ex Tax:£1.29
Brand: Aytac
Monalisa Turkish sultana raisins have origins in Turkey. While being an excellent source of nutrients these scrumptious raisins are preferably introduced to travelers and kids to keep along as a snack. Also used in cookies, bread, pilaf, and other baker goods. ..
Ex Tax:£1.29
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