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Corn & Mushroom

FeeDo, an online Arabic and Continental store, brings you the best quality sweet corn and mushrooms from the leading Middle Eastern food brands, with the same quality that is found in the grocery stores. 

It offers you delicious canned sweet corn that preserves its naturally sweet taste and color. They taste amazing on their own but can add a delectable taste along with an appetizing dash of vibrant hue to your favorite dishes as well.

Also at FeeDo, you will find best whole or sliced mushroom products that taste incredible when grilled or sautéed, or topped on pizzas, salads, or for stuffing various vegetables and meat.

So what are you waiting for? Stash up your pantry with these must-have items for your whole family!

Brand: Alahlam
Al Ahlam’s sliced mushrooms are firm in texture and uniform in size. Ideal for adding a low-calorie touch to stews, casseroles, soups, and other side dishes or for topping pizzas, pasta, omelets, salad greens, grain bowls, or for stuffing meat and vegetables. ..
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Aytac Canned Sweetcorn 184g
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Brand: Aytac
Whether a delicious ingredient or a stand-alone accompaniment, Aytac’s all-natural and ready to eat sweet corn is preferred for its taste and freshness. It’s a quick and easy side dish or you can mix it with salsa and black beans to make a yummy dip for tortilla chips or season it for an extra flavo..
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Chtoura sliced mushrooms are uniform in size, and firm in texture. They can add a healthy and low-calorie touch to casseroles, stews, soups, and side dishes. Perfect for pizza toppings, omelets, pasta, grain bowls, salad greens, stuffings, or serve it warm along with grilled meats or in your homemad..
Ex Tax:£1.74
Chtoura brings you premium corn kernels that preserve its naturally sweet taste and color. Perfect to be served straight from the can, or as a side dish seasoned with butter. It adds a delectable taste and appetizing dash of bright color to chowders, stews, stews, salads, and salsas.  ..
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Chtoura Whole Mushrooms Jar 280g
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Mushrooms are a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals, fibers, essential amino acids, and it is a great immune booster also. Chtoura brings you whole mushrooms that are low-calorie and delicious in flavor. They taste fantastic when grilled or sautéed, served in pasta or salads, or  topped on p..
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