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Vine Leaves

Vine leaves or Grape leaves are used in several cuisines of many cultures. FeeDo, brings you best quality pickled and stuffed vine leaves from the leading Middle Eastern food brands, with the same freshness and quality as that of a grocery store. 

Stuffed Vine leaves are nothing more than a delightful treat. They can be served as a delectable appetizer or the main dish. Moreover, FeeDo also offer you a pantry essential item called Pickled vine leaves. These are perfect to stuff with any filling of your choice and also taste amazing in salads and as a garnish for appetizer plates.

Brand: Durra
There is nothing more delicious than a yelangi plate. Serve this ready to eat stuffed vine leaves by Al Durra, hot or cold with a touch of lemon. ..
Ex Tax:£2.35
Pickled vine leaves by Darna are a pantry must-have item. These tender pickles leaves are perfect for stuffing rice, pine nuts filling, and minced beef to make a traditional Greek dish called Dolmades. You can also stuff them with chopped onion, and spice, with fillings of your choice. Perfect for s..
Ex Tax:£3.14
Brand: Sofra
We always strive to offer our valued customers the most up-to-date product information. However, manufacturers may change this information at any time. We recommend that you read labels and packaging before consuming any product to ensure that you have the updated information regarding ingredients, ..
Ex Tax:£1.39
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