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About Us

FeeDo is a unique online superstore specialising in continental and mediterranean grocery and other home essentials. FeeDo’s Online Supermarket platform uses its technology to serve its customers all over the UK. We endeavour to provide full range of halal grocery, vegan and vegetarian products aiming at the best prices with focus on quality and customer service.

The name FeeDo carries many meanings; the name in English draws on the root verb of “to feed” and that is one of the company’s objectives. When pronounced in Arabic, the word “feedo” means to benefit someone or to give them the benefit of something. That is where all come in to represent what we stand for in terms of providing quality shopping of foods, groceries and household items but with the benefits of saving time and money.

At FeeDo, we deliver products that meet your needs for various occasions and needs. It is through the efforts, time and money that we invest in research, customer service and technical infrastructure that we are able to provide quality continental products at quality prices.

Welcome to FeeDo!