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Brand: Alahlam
Al Ahlam Dates Molasses 750gDate molasses or date syrup is a frequently used caramel-colored sweetener in the Middle Eastern dishes. Al Ahlam brings you this thick, velvety date syrup, just perfect to be used as a natural sweetener for dressings, baking, and marinades. ..
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Brand: Alahlam
An Epitome of Middle Eastern comfort food- Kibbeh is a classic savory dish of lamb, bulgur wheat, onion, and fragrant spices. Al Ahlam’s kibbeh spice mix is an authentic and well-balanced Middle Eastern spice blend that will help you make a perfectly tasty kibbeh every time. ..
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Al Ahlam Kishk Powder 500g
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Brand: Alahlam
Originated in the Middle East, Kishk Powder is yogurt and crushed wheat, dried in the sun. A unique food ingredient by Al Ahlam, ideal for soup, breakfast, spread, or also as a milk powder substitute. ..
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Brand: Alahlam
Al Ahlam’s sliced mushrooms are firm in texture and uniform in size. Ideal for adding a low-calorie touch to stews, casseroles, soups, and other side dishes or for topping pizzas, pasta, omelets, salad greens, grain bowls, or for stuffing meat and vegetables. ..
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Brand: Alahlam
Al Ahlam brings you a surprisingly versatile pack of pickled turnip slices that can add a unique crunch to your favorite falafel wraps, shawarmas, and a delicious bite to salads. Moreover, these pickled turnip slices can be a mouthwatering dip for kofte kebabs and a perfect foil for lamb meat with l..
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Brand: Alahlam
A common staple of Middle Eastern pickles, Al Ahlam’s wild cucumber pickle, is a delicious Mediterranean style pickle that can considerably uplift the taste of your meal. Excellent as a snacking option, in burgers, sandwiches, salads, and much more. ..
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Brand: Alahlam
Al Ahlam’s Pizza sauce is the ideal sauce for your pizza. With a robust consistency and a rich, zesty tomato flavor, this pizza sauce is perfect for nearly any style of pizza. Made with just the right amount of tomatoes and spices, this sauce is sure to be a hit at your next pizza party!  ..
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Brand: Alahlam
Olives | Al Ahlam Green Olives Stuffed with Thyme - Healthy Snacks 700gAl Ahlam's green olives stuffed with thyme have an incredible depth of taste. Rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins, these green olives offer a delicious taste seasoned with thyme, making an ideal party appetizer or a healthy..
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Brand: Alahlam
Olives | Al Ahlam Olives Salad - Healthy Snacks 325gAl Ahlam’s olives salad is a perfect blend of green olives, herbs, and spices that offer a delectable combination of flavors packed in olive oil. Ideal as a healthy snack, or to be served in sandwiches, but also as a topping for pizzas, salads..
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