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Brand: Algota
Gota’s Halal custard powder makes a smooth, creamy, and tasty custard. Perfect to be served in a simple creamy custard form of dressed up and set into trifles, puddings, toppings, fruit salads, and much more. ..
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Brand: Algota
Widely preferred in the Arab and Eastern regions of Mediterranean, dried mint is incredible to enhance your culinary experience. Gota brings you dried mint with a vibrant aroma and a hearty flavor, great for garnishing, seasoning, as a part of a herbal tea mix, drinks, and it also tastes delicious w..
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Brand: Algota
Red za'atar is a Levantine seasoning spice that is very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. It uplifts the flavor of your salads, olive oil, bread, dips, hummus,  and cheese with its exotic savory flavor...
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Brand: Algota
Halva Plain Gota 400gPlain halva- An ancient Middle Eastern delicacy made from ground sesame seeds. Gota brings you this traditional sweet confectionary called halva which is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and various minerals. It is perfect nutrition for breakfast and also served as a dessert...
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