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Brand: Aytac
Tulum Low Fat Goat Milk Cheese With Black Seed Aytac 350g..
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Brand: Aytac
Monkey nuts- make for an astounding snack any time of the year. These mouthwatering, nutty and crunchy Monalisa monkey nuts can be eaten straight from the bag or can be roasted or fried and added in just about anything you like...
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Brand: Aytac
Ajwa Dates | Aytac Madina Ajwa Dates 450g..
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Brand: Aytac
Assorted Chocolates and Candies 600gA pack of chocolates and candies can surely bring a smile to anyone’s face. Perfect as a snack and a treat that no one can resist. ..
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Brand: Aytac
Aytac’s Basmati Rice are long grain, fluffy, full of flavor, aromatic, and are sure to enhance any meal. With their non-sticky texture, they are perfect for making pilafs, fried rice, biryani, or as a side dish in itself. ..
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Brand: Aytac
"Aytac BBQ Corn Nuts-Super crispy and highly addictive that will surely won't allow you to keep your hand out of the bag. Ideal for parties, as a lunch addition or for on the go snacking."..
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Brand: Aytac
Aytac black-eyed beans are small, mildly sweet, and creamy flavored legumes that are delicious and highly nutritious. They are very easy to cook and taste great in a variety of dishes. Also perfect for weight loss diets. Cook, chill or toss it with tomatoes, spices, and corn for a yummy cold salad.&..
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Brand: Aytac
Bursting with fresh and rich blackberry flavor, this Aytac blackberry jam comes with a perfect spoonable texture. It is easy to spread on a scone or a white bread and perfect for drizzling over your oatmeal or porridge to kick start your day.  You can also use it as a sauté base for chicken.&nb..
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Brand: Aytac
A true whole grain- Also called wheat berry, this boiled wheat by Aytac is loaded with nutrients and is as easy to prepare as brown rice.  It has a subtle earthy, nutty flavor and a chewy bite. Perfect for a meal at any time of the year, it is sturdy enough to withstand bold salad dressings and..
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Brand: Aytac
Fine bulgur is also known as bulghur or bulghul. It is made by parboiling wheat and then drying it coarsely. Its outer layers are removed and the grains are cracked to fine grain. Commonly found on a Mediterranean table, Aytac's fine bulgur is full of fiber and has a mild nutty flavor that is tastie..
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Brand: Aytac
Butter beans also called lima beans/ double beans, are a common ingredient in southern cooking including many pasta salads, soups, stews, and curries. Bring plant-based protein, taste, and flavor to your favorite dishes with Aytac’s butter beans. They are preferred all around the world for its delic..
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Brand: Aytac
Aytac Sunflower seeds-  gray or black tear-dropped shaped, are a great way of satisfying your hunger that also boost your health by supplying a pack of nutrients at the same time. ..
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Brand: Aytac
Probably best known for their role as a perennial Halloween treat, Aytac double roasted pumpkin seeds are so flavorsome, tasty, and nutritious that they can be enjoyed all through the year. ..
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