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Brand: Aytac
No cooking is more versatile than Aytac Vegetable Oil. It brings out the natural flavors and aroma of your food exceptionally. Ideal for frying, baking or sautéing chicken, fish, meat, and vegetables. ..
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Brand: Aytac
White beans or dried navy beans are kidney-shaped with a creamy texture and mild nutty flavor. Their subtle taste is perfect for hearty stews, soups, cold salads, rice dishes, and side dishes. ..
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Brand: Aytac
Highly nutritious and great tasting- Aytac's yellow lentil is packed to endure high fiber content and negligible fat, and cholesterol making it a healthy choice for your loved ones. Perfect for stews and soups, it is often served with white rice...
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Brand: Aytac
Rich in protein and fiber, freekeh is the newest whole grain on the nutrition scene. However, it is a cereal food that goes back in a long history when it was derived from Levantine and North African cuisines. This grain is still very popular in its area of origin particularly Syria, Lebanon, Jordan..
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Brand: Aytac
Dried Black Limes (Dried Persian Limes) are a Middle Eastern secret for seasoning stews and soups. Monalisa’s black limes add a sweet tangy flavor to any recipe. Widely preferred in any dish that can be uplifted with a tangy lime flavor such as chicken, soups, stews, broiled shrimps, and lentil sala..
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Brand: Aytac
Deliciously flavored with a special chili spice mix, Monalisa chilli cashews is the perfect snack to munch on a holiday night while watching your favorite movie. ..
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Brand: Aytac
"Diced mangoes are a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, and fibers. Excellent-tasting for snacking and just the right size for baking and using in other mixes. With their sweet, and luscious taste, Monalisa diced mangoes can add a great tropical flavor to your daily recipes."..
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Brand: Aytac
 Monalisa diced papayas are just the right size for adding in baked items like muffins, cupcakes, scones, and bread. With its delicious tropical flavor, it is a great snack on its own. Also, offers a big boost of fiber and antioxidants when added to your diet. ..
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Brand: Aytac
Loaded with real sweetness and vital nutrients, Monalisa diced pineapples are perfectly sized for snacking and to be added in oatmeal, cereals, cakes, and other baked items.  ..
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Brand: Aytac
"A common and popular snack of Syria, Algeria, Iran, and many other Middle Eastern countries, but also greatly preferred in other parts of the world. Crispy crunchy Monalisa double roasted chickpeas- the first bite is pleasantly crisp with a slightly tender inside that is followed by a loud sat..
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Brand: Aytac
Monalisa’s Egyptian rice is short grain rice, grown in Egypt. When cooked, they retain their non-sticky and fluffy texture without compromising flavor. They are perfect for all dishes and pair well with vermicelli to make delicious Arabic dishes. ..
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Brand: Aytac
Perfectly plump, moist, and delicately sweet, these healthy Monalisa golden sultana raisins are a great snack and an ideal addition to cookies, quickbreads, muffins, and cereals. Also used widely in savory dishes in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine...
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Brand: Aytac
"Monalisa honey roasted cashews take snacking to the next level. Perfect for snack, lunch box, party, or on top of thick creamy yogurt.You will simply love them for their crunch and the right amount of sweetness."..
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Brand: Aytac
An irresistible crunchy sweet treat that is just loved by kids and adults alike. Monalisa sugared chickpeas are a versatile snack that is also a potential source of protein for your body...
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Brand: Aytac
Monalisa Turkish sultana raisins have origins in Turkey. While being an excellent source of nutrients these scrumptious raisins are preferably introduced to travelers and kids to keep along as a snack. Also used in cookies, bread, pilaf, and other baker goods. ..
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Brand: Aytac
A flavorful Middle Eastern spice- Monalisa brings you a perfect pantry essential called zaatar that has been used traditionally for centuries in the Middle Eastern cuisines. With its fresh herby flavor, it simply uplifts the taste of your favorite dishes. Perfect for garnishing on Labneh, white chee..
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Brand: Aytac
Rabia Dates | Aytac Madina Rabia Dates 900g..
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Brand: Aytac
Shalaby Dates | Aytac Madina Shalaby Dates 450g..
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