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Brined Vine Leaves Hakiki Tokat 3Kg

Brined Vine Leaves Hakiki Tokat 3Kg
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Brined Vine Leaves Hakiki Tokat 3Kg
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Hakiki Tokat Vine leaves | Grape Leaves

These tasty vine leaves are ideal for stuffing with a mixture of rice, meat and spices and then boiling or steaming to cook. You may serve stuffed grape leaves as an appetiser or as a main dish.

* Keep in the fridge after opening

Where to Buy Vine Leaves Online in the UK

You can buy vine leaves online from Feedo. We have a wide variety of types and brands of vine leaves. 

How is vine leaves used? 

Vine leaves are washed with cold water to get rid of dirt and sticky dirt. Short necks are removed. Then, vine leaves are prepared with or without meat, rice and spices.

What are the benefits of vine leaves?

Vine leaves not only have a delicious taste, but they also have many benefits. They are rich in many minerals, fibers and, and they help maintain healthy bone structure. Grape leaves also contain calcium, iron, vitamin A and C.

How to Cook Stuffed Vine Leaves (Dolma Recipes)

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