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Enjoy the perfect blend of taste and health with this California Garden’s tuna slices delicately flavored with sunflower oil. They simply taste great when slipped into a sandwich or as a low- calorie, high-energy snack. ..
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Fava Beans (Foul) and Chickpeas California Garden 400g | Vegan | Vegetarian
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Fava Beans (Foul) and Chickpeas California Garden 400g | Vegan | VegetarianWidely preferred in Syria, Lebanon, Greece, and other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries, fava beans and chickpeas make a traditional delicious dish called foul medammes. This product by California garden consists of ..
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Fava Beans Bajela Large (Foul) California Garden 400g | Vegan | VegetarianA good source of protein, vitamins, fiber, iron, and calcium, California Garden brings you the best fava beans in the world. Also called broad beans or foul medammes bajela, they are a popular dish in the Middle East and North..
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