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Brand: Cortas
Cortas Cinnamon Pudding Mix (Meghli) 200g..
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Brand: Cortas
Fava Beans Bajela (Foul) Cortas 850g | Vegan | Vegetarian..
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Brand: Cortas
Kamar Al Din | Qamar Al Deen Apricot Syrup Cortas 600ml..
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Brand: Cortas
Baba Ganouj | Baba Ghanouj Eggplant Dip Cortas 185gEggplant dip (Baba Ghanouj) is a delectable Middle Eastern and Mediterranean appetizer, greatly admired for its smooth, creamy texture with a slightly roasted smoky flavor.Cortas eggplant dip is a product of Lebanon, that goes perfectly well with pi..
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Brand: Cortas
Cortas's rose water packs a multitude of sweet and savory applications and is a powerful addition to any cook’s pantry. Originated in the Middle East, rose water adds a floral fragrance to any dish and has made its mark as a staple ingredient in the aromatic cooking of North India and North Africa a..
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Brand: Cortas
 Fava Beans (Foul) With Chickpeas Cortas 400g | Vegan | VegetarianCortas takes pride in bringing quality Lebanese products all over the world. Fava beans and chickpeas by Cortas are an excellent way to add a delicious flavor and fiber to your favorite recipes. A must-have ingredient in your pan..
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Brand: Cortas
Fava Beans Bajela (Foul) Cortas 400gHighly nutritious and deliciously tasty- A popular dish in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Cortas fava beans  is product of Lebanon that is ready to serve with no need for pre-soaking. They are incredible as a stand-alone side dish but combines sup..
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Brand: Cortas
Pomegranate Molasses (Syrup) Cortas 300mlWhat is Pomegranate Molasses?Pomegranate Molasses (Pomegranate Syrup) is made by reducing fresh pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and sugar to form thick syrup. Pomegranate molasses is very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine, specifically, Syrian food, Turkish f..
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