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Brand: Durra
Hummus Tahini | Tahina Al Durra 850g |Vegan | Vegetarian..
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Brand: Durra
A sweet treat by Al Durra, this finger-licking apricot jam is best when partnered with bread to provide a yummy on the go breakfast for your kid everyday.  Great for topping cakes, pastries, and tarts as well.You can also try it for glazing meat dishes like chicken and salmon. It is so yummy th..
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Brand: Durra
Al Durra Breadsticks With Sesame 454gThis delicacy by Al Durra which has origins in Italy- is a perfect snack or a pre-meal appetizer that is often enjoyed with black tea or milk. The toasted sesame seeds on its crust gives it a unique crispy texture which makes it more flavorful and delicious with ..
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Brand: Durra
Coarse Brown Bulgur originated in the Middle East but quickly became popular worldwide. Made from cracked wheat to produce instant cooking and nutritious recipes, this versatile grain by Al Durra can take on any flavors you add to it. Perfect for soups, casseroles, pilafs, salads, artisan bread, low..
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Brand: Durra
Al Durra cherry jam is a must-have in the pantry. Bursting with intense cherry flavors, this jam is great when slathered over fresh bread, in cakes, pastries, or you can also try it warmed over vanilla ice cream...
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Brand: Durra
These large, nutty, beautiful and delicious dry chickpeas by Al Durra, are a favorite for stews, soups, salads, hummus, and rice and beans, ..
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Brand: Durra
Add some irresistible crunch to your dish by Al Durra pickled cucumbers. It is a perfect condiment for any meal. It also serves well as a snack, side dish, and in salads...
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Brand: Durra
Al Durra Dry Mallow | Molokhia 200gDry mallow by Al Durra is a nutritious leafy vegetable with a long history, also known as Molokhya/ Mulukhiyah, Egyptian spinach, Jews mallow, and Jute mallow. It is one of the most cherished staples of Middle Eastern cuisine. Traditionally, it is made with chicken..
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Brand: Durra
Whether you pair it with a buttered toast or funky cheese, this fresh fig jam by Al Durra is the best possible addition to a snack. This delicious jam goes perfect with savory or sweet dishes such as scones, and muffins, or try it swirled into yogurt. ..
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Brand: Durra
A thick and hearty treat- Al Durra fig jam with nuts is made with finest figs expertly infused with delicious nuts for added flavor. Serve this conserve in your homemade fig cookies, as a breakfast accompaniment or with cheddar and crusty bread or crackers. ..
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Brand: Durra
Al Durra’s green lentils have a robust and somewhat peppery flavor and retain a firm texture even after cooking. This feature makes them great for adding in salads and other side dishes. A potential source of fiber, iron, zinc, and other minerals, they taste delicious in soups and stuffed vegetables..
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Brand: Durra
Al Durra brings you premium lemon juice made from the tastiest lemons in the world. Perfect for adding in salads, vinaigrettes, snacks, baked goods, or main dishes. ..
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Brand: Durra
A champion in Middle Eastern Food. Makdous by Al Durra contains baby aubergines stuffed with garlic, salt, red chili and walnuts that can be eaten directly from the jar.It can be served as a part of tapas or stuffed in cabbage leaves. It also deliciously compliments labaneh cheese and humus...
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Brand: Durra
Mixed pickle is preferred in small amounts to add a flavor and accent a meal. Al Durra mixed pickle is served with most Arabic dishes. It consists of crisp veggies that taste awesome with falafel, shawarmas, sandwiches, or any kind of wraps...
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Brand: Durra
Thyme lends classic base flavor to Mediterranean zaatar. Al Durra brings you this Levantine seasoning blend which is the most popular food throughout the Middle East. It simply upgrades your salads, dips, soft cheese, and hummus with an exotic savory taste...
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