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At FeeDo, the Online Arabic and Continental Store, you can find a wide range of high-quality continental products including Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Turkish, Arabic (Oriental) and Continental food items. FeeDo Online Shop also offers  Egyptian rice, Basmati rice, canned foods, Al Durra beans and grains, Extra virgin olive oils, cooking oils, pure butter ghee, vegetarian and vegan ghees, Greenfields, Abido and some other major brands of herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, Arabic bread and naan bread, Syrian Baklava, sweets, pastries, desserts, pickles, noodles, Indomie, Barbican and other fizzy drinks, Chamain and Alattar herbal teas, coffee and other beverages. We at FeeDo also offer bakery products such as flour, sugar, baking powder, and vanilla. Don't forget to also shop for Honey, Jam, sweet pistachio Halva and Tahini. You can also get Halal chewing gum, Halal jelly, and Halal Haribou sweets.

All delivered quickly, safely and securely to your doorsteps.

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