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Bread, which has been a common staple since prehistoric times, is still a prominent food in large parts of the world and is a potential source of a great number of nutrients in your diet. You can easily buy flavorsome and appetizing Arabic, Lebanese and Naan bread from FeeDo Online Store.

Moreover, FeeDo also offers a wide range of top-quality bakery products such as flour, baking powder, vanilla, and yeast. You will also find other items that are prepared from flour or some other form of grains like vegan and vegetarian breadsticks, pies, muffins, cookies, and some other tasty treats that go perfectly with coffee or tea.

5x White Arabic Bread Khubz 5 Loaves (Small)
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5x White Arabic Bread Khubz 5 Loaves (Small)..
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Dora 3 Antonelli Croissants Strawberry 250g Soft and fluffy, Dora Croissants are the perfect afternoon snack or indulgent breakfast. Eat as is, or heat up briefly in a toaster oven...
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Kohinoor 2 Plain Naans 260g
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Milk Breadsticks with Sesame 300g
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Phyllo | Filo Dough | Bur Fiilo | Baklava Pastry 470gFillo or phyllon (Turkish yufka, Greek phyllon leaf) since the 11th century.Fillo dough is a thin, unleavened puff pastry used in Mediterranean cuisine. Its thickness can vary from that of a sheet of paper to several millimeters.Fillo or phyllon (..
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Tortilla Wraps Aycan 20cm 6Pcs
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Brand: Aycan
Tortilla Wraps Aycan 20cm 6Pcs..
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