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Pickled vegetables or simply Pickles are an indispensable sour and spicy condiment to many Arabic and mezze dishes. Their tangy and slightly sweet flavor can hugely enhance the savor of your daily meals. Preferred in small amounts, pickles are widely preferred as an appetizing snack, in burgers, salads, or with almost any meal. FeeDo, an Online Arabic and Continental Store, brings you quality pickles from the top and reputable Middle Eastern brands with the same freshness as that of a grocery store.

From plain pickled cucumber, spiced cucumber pickle, wild cucumber pickle, mixed pickle, to pickled turnip slices, grilled yellow and red peppers, peperoni pickle, FeeDo serves them all!

Brand: Alahlam
Al Ahlam brings you a surprisingly versatile pack of pickled turnip slices that can add a unique crunch to your favorite falafel wraps, shawarmas, and a delicious bite to salads. Moreover, these pickled turnip slices can be a mouthwatering dip for kofte kebabs and a perfect foil for lamb meat with l..
Ex Tax:£2.25
Brand: Durra
Add some irresistible crunch to your dish by Al Durra pickled cucumbers. It is a perfect condiment for any meal. It also serves well as a snack, side dish, and in salads...
Ex Tax:£2.40
Brand: Durra
Mixed pickle is preferred in small amounts to add a flavor and accent a meal. Al Durra mixed pickle is served with most Arabic dishes. It consists of crisp veggies that taste awesome with falafel, shawarmas, sandwiches, or any kind of wraps...
Ex Tax:£1.55
Camel mango sliced pickle in mustard and vinegar is totally addictive and a delicious accompaniment to any meal. It is salty in a good way and traditionally made from carefully selected fresh ingredients...
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Brand: Sofra
These fire-roasted yellow and red peppers by Sofra are cut and packed in oil to maintain the sweet taste of yellow pepper and fresh flavor of red pepper. This blend of flavors is ideal for preparing many of your favorite meals. ..
£2.35 £2.60
Ex Tax:£2.35
Brand: Teeba
A mixed pickle accents your meal by adding a tangy flavor to it. Preferred in small amounts, it is served with most of the Arabic dishes. Teeba brings you quality mixed pickle, consisting of crisp veggies that taste delicious with shawarmas, falafel, sandwiches, or any sort of wrap. ..
Ex Tax:£1.40
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