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At FeeDo, an online Arabic and Continental Store, you can find a wide range of high-quality continental products including, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Turkish, Arabic, (Oriental) and Continental food items. It brings you flavorful artichoke hearts by Al Durra and Larissa, with the same freshness, found in grocery stores.

Artichoke hearts are an edible thistle that can provide you numerous health benefits. FeeDo offers you perfectly sized, artichoke hearts that are tender, delicious, and crispy just to the right point. Perfect for creating a delicious shareable snack or appetizer, they are great for every use including salads, pizzas, or focaccia topping.

FeeDo safely delivers you these amazing artichokes that can considerably enhance the flavor of your everyday meal, right at your doorstep.

Brand: Durra
 Divine tasting, tender but meaty artichoke hearts by Al Durra are sure to become a pantry staple and bring a touch of class to your dinner table.Deliciously dresses up your dips, pasta, pizza, salads, fish, or poultry. Packed with antioxidants, they are perfect for your favorite recipes that n..
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