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FeeDo, an online Arabic and Continental store, offers you quality and mouthwatering dairy products from the top and reputable Middle Eastern food brands. It brings you Labneh- a thick, deliciously creamy, yogurt-like cheese that perfectly pairs with pita bread, olive oil, and zaatar spice making a typical Galilean breakfast; safely and quickly delivered right at your doorstep. Moreover, FeeDo also takes pride in offering you an extensive variety and types of quality cheese that makes a considerable part of many people’s daily meals. From Akawi, Chilal, Msanarah, Naboulsieh, cream cheese to Laughing Cow, Kiri, Feta, Tress cheese, Baladi, FeeDo serves them all! 

Cheese Sticks | Teksut Cubuk Peyniri 200g..
£2.20 £3.10
Ex Tax:£2.20
Feta Cheese In Oil With Herbs (Jar) Gazi 375g..
£1.75 £2.55
Ex Tax:£1.75
Feta Cheese In Oil With Olives (Jar) Gazi 375g..
£1.75 £2.55
Ex Tax:£1.75
Brand: Kiri
Kiri Cheese Spread 500g..
£3.60 £5.95
Ex Tax:£3.60
Brand: Lailand
Cheeseland Akawi Cheese 900gAkawi also called Ackawi, Akkawi, or Akawieh. is a popular Middle Eastern cheese. Lailand brings you the traditional soft unripened cheese in brine with a chewy texture and a mild, slightly salty taste. This delicious Arabic white cheese is commonly used as a table cheese..
Ex Tax:£10.75
Brand: Lailand
Cheeseland Chilal Cheese 900gA Turkish white string cheese kept in saltwater brine-Lailand’s Chilal is made out of cow’s milk into strands that are woven together. It has a slightly hard texture, with a mild flavor, especially enjoyed by children and those who prefer a low-fat cheese. ..
Ex Tax:£11.30
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