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Falafel & Hummus Tahini

Whether you are a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine or looking to try some great tasting food at home, FeeDo brings you authentic and must-try Middle Eastern delicacies that can be delivered safely and quickly right at your doorstep.

It offers you Falafel, many kinds of hummus, and Tahini from top Middle Eastern food brands that have the same freshness and quality of a restaurant or a grocery store. These ready to serve and deliciously smooth hummus and tahini make a wonderful snack, appetizer, or a dip that can be served with pita bread and much more. The falafel powder mix can be used to prepare the tasty falafels, which are not only delicious but nutritious too!

Falafel Metallic ScoopFalafel metallic  scoop is well-known in the Middle East to make falafels. Whether you are making falafels in a commercial environment or a household kitchen, this easy to use metallic falafel maker is just perfect to make hundreds or more falafels in an hour...
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Brand: Durra
Falafel Powder Al Durra 350g With Scoop| Vegan | VegetarianOriginated in the Middle East, but now greatly preferred worldwide, Falafel is a legume-based patty made from garfava flour paired with herbs and savory seasonings. This falafel mix by Al Durra is a must-try whether you are a fan of Middle E..
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Brand: Durra
Hummus Tahini | Tahina Al Durra  370g |Vegan | VegetarianDeliciously smooth and creamy- hummus with tahini by Al Durra makes a wonderful snack and appetizer. This nutty and tangy Middle Eastern dish which is greatly preferred all around the world is simply tasty and flavorful. Served with warm ..
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