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Fava Beans & Chickpeas

At FeeDo, an online Arabic and Continental Store, you can find high-quality continental products including, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Turkish, Arabic, and Continental food items. It brings you  pantry essential items- Fava beans and chickpeas that have the same freshness and quality that is found in grocery stores.

It offers you a wide variety of ready to serve chickpeas imported from the Middle East, including chickpeas with tahini, cumin, and chili which are not only nutritious but delectably delicious too. Moreover, FeeDo also offers you premium quality and tender cooked fava beans (Foul Medammes). Just open, and enjoy it, wherever and whenever!

Brand: Salam
Fava Beans (Foul) Bajela Salam 850g | Vegan | Vegetarian..
Ex Tax:£1.55
Brand: Cortas
Fava Beans Bajela (Foul) Cortas 850g | Vegan | Vegetarian..
Ex Tax:£1.80
Brand: Sofra
Peeled Fava Beans (Foul) with Chilli Sofra 400g | Vegan | Vegetarian..
Ex Tax:£0.65
Binelli Chickpeas Hummus 400gBinelli’s chickpeas are a potential source of fiber and combine excellently with a variety of spices to make delicious meals. A perfect ingredient for hummus, salads, curries, and much more. ..
Ex Tax:£0.55
Brand: Tukaş
Boiled Chickpeas Hummus Tin Tukas 800gA good source of fiber and iron for a healthy diet, these boiled chickpeas by Tukas offer you an ultimate taste and freshness. It is a delicious way to add nutrition to your soups, stews, salads, and many more dishes. ..
Ex Tax:£1.50
Brand: Natco
Chickpeas | Hummus | Natco 400g | Vegan | Vegetarian..
Ex Tax:£0.55
Brand: Sofra
Fava Beans (Foul Medammas) Premium Sofra 400g | Vegan | Vegetarian..
Ex Tax:£0.50
Brand: Cortas
 Fava Beans (Foul) With Chickpeas Cortas 400g | Vegan | VegetarianCortas takes pride in bringing quality Lebanese products all over the world. Fava beans and chickpeas by Cortas are an excellent way to add a delicious flavor and fiber to your favorite recipes. A must-have ingredient in your pan..
Ex Tax:£0.65
Brand: Cortas
Fava Beans Bajela (Foul) Cortas 400gHighly nutritious and deliciously tasty- A popular dish in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Cortas fava beans  is product of Lebanon that is ready to serve with no need for pre-soaking. They are incredible as a stand-alone side dish but combines sup..
Ex Tax:£1.00
Brand: Sofra Reward Points You Earn: 1
Peeled Fava Beans (Foul) Sofra 400g | Vegan | VegetarianWe always strive to offer our valued customers the most up-to-date product information. However, manufacturers may change this information at any time. We recommend that you read labels and packaging before consuming any product to ensure that ..
Ex Tax:£0.69
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