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Brand: Aytac Reward Points You Earn: 3
Black Forest Honey Aytac 450gBlack Forest Honey is a natural and pure honey made using the best ingredients to produce honey that's rich in nutrients, It is very tasty and perfect for your pancakes, cereals and toast sandwiches or even on  it's own. It is very healthy and beneficial for yo..
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Honey | Black Seed Honey 250gThe health benefits of honey and black seed are touted for centuries in the Middle East, Mediterranean region and India. The black seed honey is known to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting properties. It is produced by bees that feed on the n..
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Brand: Rowse
Honey | Rowse Squeezy Light and Mild Honey 340gRowse is the UK’s favourite honey brand that takes pride in providing 100% natural and delicious honey. With its subtle flavour, it is an ideal choice for those who prefer milder honey. With a quintessential sweet flavour reminding of candy floss, it ta..
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Brand: Aytac Reward Points You Earn: 5
Honeycomb | Raw Honeycomb 350gHoneycomb is the purest form of honey and as close you can get to nature as possible without the stings. This honeycomb is 100% PURE raw and natural honeycomb, hand-cut from the frame with the delicious honey it was made with. Honeycomb is edible, sweet and chewy. Becau..
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