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Makdous & Chenklich

At FeeDo, an Online Arabic and Continental Food Store, you can find a wide variety of quality continental food items from the leading Middle Eastern brands. It brings you a champion of Middle Eastern food called Makdous that consists of eggplants stuffed with walnuts, red chili, salt, and garlic, perfect to be eaten straight from the jar or served with labneh, hummus or, as a part of tapas, and as a stuffing in cabbage leaves.

Moreover, you can also get Chenklich cheese which is one of the many dishes that make up the Lebanese meze. Made from cow milk and coated with aromatic herbs, this cheese is rarely eaten as it is but rather seasoned in a blend of olive oil, onions, and tomatoes.

Brand: Durra
A champion in Middle Eastern Food. Makdous by Al Durra contains baby aubergines stuffed with garlic, salt, red chili and walnuts that can be eaten directly from the jar.It can be served as a part of tapas or stuffed in cabbage leaves. It also deliciously compliments labaneh cheese and humus...
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