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Mallow & Okra

At FeeDo, an Online Arabic and Continental Food Store, you can find a wide variety of quality continental food items from the leading Middle Eastern brands. It brings you light yet crispy, deep green dry Okra that pair deliciously with your favorite dip to make a healthy snack. Also, FeeDo can deliver you whole small size green Okra preserved in with water, tomatoes, citric acid, and sea salt, right at your doorstep, which can help you make delectable meals.

Moreover, it also offers you one of the most cherished staples of Middle Eastern cuisine called dry mallow or Molokhya/ Mulukhiyah, Egyptian spinach, or Jute mallow. You can make a variety of dishes with this pantry-essential item.

Al Durra Dry Mallow | Molokhia 200g
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Brand: Durra
Al Durra Dry Mallow | Molokhia 200gDry mallow by Al Durra is a nutritious leafy vegetable with a long history, also known as Molokhya/ Mulukhiyah, Egyptian spinach, Jews mallow, and Jute mallow. It is one of the most cherished staples of Middle Eastern cuisine. Traditionally, it is made with chicken..
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