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Thyme / Zaatar

FeeDo, an online Arabic and Continental Store, offers you high-quality continental products including, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Turkish, Arabic, and Continental food items. It brings you the popular Levantine seasoning called Zaatar/ Thyme, considerably preferred throughout the Middle East, with the same freshness and quality, found in the grocery stores.

Thyme lends a classic base flavor to Zaatar that has been used traditionally for years in the Middle Eastern households. It simply uplifts the taste of your salads, white cheese, Labneh, hummus, and other dips with its exotic savory flavor. You can also try it with pita bread and olive oil.

Brand: Durra
Al Durra’s red zaatar is a delicious secret that chefs use in all kinds of Mediterranean dishes. Popular in the Middle East, this Levantine seasoning blend brings a unique flavor to your recipes. Delicious with Arabic bread, salads, soft cheese, hummus, or simply mix it with olive oil and spread as ..
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Brand: Durra
Thyme lends classic base flavor to Mediterranean zaatar. Al Durra brings you this Levantine seasoning blend which is the most popular food throughout the Middle East. It simply upgrades your salads, dips, soft cheese, and hummus with an exotic savory taste...
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Brand: Algota
A perfect pantry essential- green zaatar is an authentic spice traditionally used over centuries in the Middle Eastern cuisines. Gota brings you a premium quality green zaatar that can bring your food to life with its fresh herby flavor. Perfect for garnishing on dishes or snacks, in Labneh, white c..
Ex Tax:£2.79
Brand: Algota
Red za'atar is a Levantine seasoning spice that is very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. It uplifts the flavor of your salads, olive oil, bread, dips, hummus,  and cheese with its exotic savory flavor...
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Brand: Aytac
A flavorful Middle Eastern spice- Monalisa brings you a perfect pantry essential called zaatar that has been used traditionally for centuries in the Middle Eastern cuisines. With its fresh herby flavor, it simply uplifts the taste of your favorite dishes. Perfect for garnishing on Labneh, white chee..
Ex Tax:£1.79
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