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Rice & Pulses

Rice and Pulses are a part of a healthy and balanced diet. FeeDo, an online Arabic and Continental store, brings you the best quality Rice and Pulses from the leading and reputable Middle Eastern food brands with the same quality and freshness, found in the grocery stores.

Rice is an edible starchy cereal grain that has been the staple food for the world for ages. On the other hand, Pulses are hearty crops that have an enticing taste and distinct health benefits. Both these food ingredients can be deliciously prepared for appetizing meals. FeeDo includes a long list of Rice and Pulses that can be delivered safely and quickly right at your doorstep.

Boiled Chickpeas Yayla Ready to Eat Hummus 700g..
£0.88 £1.25
Ex Tax:£0.88
Boiled White Beans Yayla Ready to Eat 700g..
£0.88 £1.25
Ex Tax:£0.88
Brand: Durra
Freekeh Al Durra | Roasted Green Durum Wheat 450g..
Ex Tax:£2.75
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