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Biscuits & Crackers

Since biscuits and crackers are all about an indulgent eating experience, Feedo offers you some of the best and superior quality Halal biscuits and crackers from Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern countries. From wafer rolls, chocolate-filled biscuits, to Petit Beurre, spiced breadsticks, FeeDo serves them all. By fulfilling the requirement of “too good to resist” texture, appearance, and taste, FeeDo brings you deep flavored, pleasantly aromatic imported biscuits and crackers that are not only great-tasting but a perfect snack to satisfy your craving any time of the day and for sharing with your loved ones on any occasion.

Belvita Breakfast Milk and Cereals 12 Portions..
£5.55 £6.55
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Herfy Dates Biscuits 12X45g..
£3.10 £3.65
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