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"Many people have a “bad image” about snacks, crisps, and nuts but in reality, they can be a key part of your diet. They provide you some instant energy when you exercise or in the middle of the day when you don’t find anything appropriate to eat.

At FeeDo you will find some of the best snacks, crisps, and nuts that are healthy and come in enlivening textures that deliver evocative aromas and intense flavors behaving literally as a feast for your senses. Moreover, these snacks, crisps, and nuts are an effective way of fitting extra nutrients into your diet. "

Chocolate | Violet Double Twist Gondol Hazelnut Chocolate 700gr..
Ex Tax:£7.15
Chocolate | Violet Double Twist Gondol Strawberry Chocolate 700gr..
Ex Tax:£7.15
Dates | Al Barari Mashed Date 900g..
£1.47 £2.45
Ex Tax:£1.47
Dates | Al Dahri Khalas Dates 1kg..
£1.79 £2.99
Ex Tax:£1.79
Dora 3 Antonelli Croissants Strawberry 250g Soft and fluffy, Dora Croissants are the perfect afternoon snack or indulgent breakfast. Eat as is, or heat up briefly in a toaster oven...
Ex Tax:£1.98
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