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"Many people have a “bad image” about snacks, crisps, and nuts but in reality, they can be a key part of your diet. They provide you some instant energy when you exercise or in the middle of the day when you don’t find anything appropriate to eat.

At FeeDo you will find some of the best snacks, crisps, and nuts that are healthy and come in enlivening textures that deliver evocative aromas and intense flavors behaving literally as a feast for your senses. Moreover, these snacks, crisps, and nuts are an effective way of fitting extra nutrients into your diet. "

Brand: Aytac
An irresistible crunchy sweet treat that is just loved by kids and adults alike. Monalisa sugared chickpeas are a versatile snack that is also a potential source of protein for your body...
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Brand: Aytac
Monalisa Turkish sultana raisins have origins in Turkey. While being an excellent source of nutrients these scrumptious raisins are preferably introduced to travelers and kids to keep along as a snack. Also used in cookies, bread, pilaf, and other baker goods. ..
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Brand: Aytac
Monkey Nut Monalisa 110gMonkey nuts- make for an astounding snack any time of the year. These mouthwatering, nutty and crunchy Monalisa monkey nuts can be peeled and eaten straight from the bag or can be roasted or fried and added in just about anything you like...
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Safawi Dates 450gSafawi Dates are soft, moist, and utterly delicious dates that are grown in Madinah/Madina, Saudi Arabia. Safawi Date are full of health benefits and nutritions. Safawi Dates are dark black, lookand taste like Medjool Dates and also resembles the Ajwa Dates concerning..
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Sufri Dates | Safri Dates Vacuum 1kgSufri/Safri Dates are soft, dry golden brown and chewy. Sufri/Safri Dates are one of the best and well known fresh & juicy quality dates in Madinah/Madina Saudi Arabia. The benefits of Sufri/Safri Dates include relief from constipation, intestinal disorders, h..
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Sukkari Dates | Sukari Dates Vacuum 1kgSukari/Sukkari Dates are golden in colour, soft, juicy and chewy! You can choose to keep Sukkari/Sukari Dates in your fridge or freezer to have a better taste if you like. Sukkari Dates are high in fiber, vitamins and nutrients.How many calories are in Sukkari ..
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Perfect for snacking any time of the day, Wafer Master chocolate cubes are crisp and mildly sweet. A guarantee of limitless chocolate pleasure...
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Wafer Master chocolate rolls are an ideal snack for all the chocolate lovers. Made with rich cocoa, these light, crispy, and creamy chocolate roll sticks can simply be eaten straight from the jar or topped on ice-creams, birthday cakes, and hot and cold beverages. ..
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These light and crispy rich cocoa and hazelnut roll sticks by Wafer Masters are simply a delight!A great snack preferred by consumers of all ages that is either a treat on their own, or topped on ice creams and other desserts or delectably served with an afternoon cup of coffee or tea...
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Add a little sweetness in your day by Woogie fine drops fruits mix assorted hard candies. Great in taste and carrying an abundance of flavor, these small candies will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. ..
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