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"Many people have a “bad image” about snacks, crisps, and nuts but in reality, they can be a key part of your diet. They provide you some instant energy when you exercise or in the middle of the day when you don’t find anything appropriate to eat.

At FeeDo you will find some of the best snacks, crisps, and nuts that are healthy and come in enlivening textures that deliver evocative aromas and intense flavors behaving literally as a feast for your senses. Moreover, these snacks, crisps, and nuts are an effective way of fitting extra nutrients into your diet. "

Brand: Aytac
High in fiber, anti-oxidants, and protein, Aytac ala sunflower seeds can appease your hunger by providing you a boost of energy. A healthy and delicious snack that is perfect for those on low sodium diets as well. ..
Ex Tax:£1.49
Pick Up Choco Sandwich Biscuits 28gPick up choco by Bahlsen is the real mix of crunchy chocolate that is sandwiched between two delicious and crisp biscuits. With no artificial colorings, it is great on the go snack for any occasion.Wheat Flour, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Palm Oil, W..
Ex Tax:£0.40
Authentic from Lebanon by Castania, these cholestrol-free mixed nuts are a treat that is loaded with major nutrients.  It is an great snack that contains all the delicious nuts of your choice in one pack like coated peanuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, and cracked hazelnuts...
Ex Tax:£6.99
Choco Medjool is a Palestinian Medjool date along with roasted almonds, covered with fine milk chocolate. Perfect for snacking, sharing, or serving along with tea/coffee...
Ex Tax:£9.59
Dates Maamoul | Dates Cookies Herfy Brown 288gWe always strive to offer our valued customers the most up-to-date product information. However, manufacturers may change this information at any time. We recommend that you read labels and packaging before consuming any product to ensure that you have t..
Ex Tax:£2.49
Dates | Golden Dates Luxury Dates 1kg..
£4.60 £7.69
Ex Tax:£4.60
Derby Chips 20gDerby Chips 20g originated in Syria but are greatly preferred all around the world. Fussili shaped crunchy Derby Chips which are so yummy that they instantly melt in your mouth...
Ex Tax:£0.35
Easy to prepare, high in protein, EazyPop popcorns are a great snack to gorge on for movie nights. They pop perfectly within minutes and have a flavorsome butter flavor...
Ex Tax:£0.49
"Lightly salted EazyPop popcorns are a great-tasting and fluffy snack for any time. You just need to pop them in the microwave and enjoy this perfect and delicious popcorn in minutes. "..
Ex Tax:£0.49
Deliciously sweet flavored and protein-containing EazyPop popcorns are a yummy snack that is bound to please anyone’s palate.  ..
Ex Tax:£0.49
Party Wafer Hazelnut by Gastone Lago, is a delicious snack to share with friends and family. These wafers are light and filled with tasty hazelnut cream, ideal to be served at parties, at work, at home, outdoors, along with tea, coffee, or ice cream.  ..
Ex Tax:£1.89
Golden Dates Berny Multivacum Dates 1kg..
£1.79 £2.99
Ex Tax:£1.79
Brand: Haribo
Each packet of Haribo berries consists of Halal chewy red and black raspberry-flavored sweet gummies that have a unique crunchy exterior. Ideal for snacking, sharing, and decorating desserts like cakes and cupcakes. ..
Ex Tax:£0.69
Brand: Haribo
A perfect snack to be enjoyed on their own or in BBQ or decorating baked goods, these naturally flavored Halal marshmallows by Haribo Chamallows are loved by both kids and grown-ups alike...
Ex Tax:£0.69
Brand: Haribo
Haribo mix fizz bag contains a combination of sweet and sour Halal gummies in a classic bottle shape that is great for sharing, snacking or topping ice cream sundaes. Just the right thing for all fruit gum lovers. ..
Ex Tax:£0.85
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