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Cooking with herbs and spices uplifts the taste and adds depth to food. FeeDo, brings you a comprehensive list of herbs and spices from the leading Middle Eastern food brands, with the same freshness and quality as that of a grocery store.

Highly aromatic and with robust flavours, both herbs and spices are used to flavour your food. They feature a delicious and exotic taste that can surely please the most critical of palates. FeeDo, can deliver you these herbs and spices safely and quickly right at your doorstep. 

Herbs & Spices Online

Feedo is the perfect destination to buy spices online in the UK; we supply a wide range of spices, cooking ingredients and flavourings. At feedo, you also find Indian spices, Mediterranean spices and exotic herbs from around the world. 

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Our amazing range includes natural organic aromatic herbs and herb blends such as oregano, dry mint, dried parsley, coriander, wild thyme, chamomile and bay leaves. 

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Our spices range includes sumac (sumaq), turmeric (curcumin), black seed (nigella sativa), shawarma spices mix, caraway seeds, cumin, curry powders, paprika. Kapseh spices, biryani spices, mandi spices, fish spices, all spice, garam masala, Schwartz Italian seasoning and many more.

All Your Cooking Ingredients & Needs

Make sure to explore our mixed herb and spice range. We stock all continental and Indian spice blends and herbs to help you enjoy your favourite meals. For your convenience, we stock a wide range of brands such as TRS, Rajah, Schwartz, Greenfields spices, Abido, Sofra, AL Ahlam, Shaheen, Shan and others.

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They say variety is the spice of life. We seek to provide our valued customers with this variety so they enjoy their cooking and eating. You can buy spices online from Feedo in a range of flavours and types. From chicken seasonings to cinnamon sticks and kapsah spices, we've got you covered! 

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