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Baking Ingredients

Baking Ingredients, Flour & Flavourings

Shop a wide range of baking ingredients from top brands, Betty Crocker and Dr Oetker. Everything you need from flourbaking powder, Yeast, to chocolate chips, ready-made cake mix and natural vanilla and flavouring extracts, as well as food colouring. Free Delivery on orders over £30!

Gram (Chickpeas) Flour (Besan) KTC 2kg | Vegan | Vegetarian..
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Phyllo | Filo Dough | Bur Fiilo | Baklava Pastry 470gFillo or phyllon (Turkish yufka, Greek phyllon leaf) since the 11th century.Fillo dough is a thin, unleavened puff pastry used in Mediterranean cuisine. Its thickness can vary from that of a sheet of paper to several millimeters.Fillo or phyllon (..
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