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Brand: Al Ahlam Reward Points You Earn: 4
Al Ahlam Green Olives Salad With Oil 675gAl Ahlam’s olive salad is a perfect blend of green olives, herbs, and spices that offer a delectable combination of flavors packed in olive oil. Ideal as a healthy snack, or to be served in sandwiches, but also as a topping for pizzas, sal..
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Brand: Al Ahlam Reward Points You Earn: 3
Al Ahlam Green Olives - (Salkini) - (First Grade) 700g..
Ex Tax:£2.74
Brand: Al Ahlam
Olives | Al Ahlam Green Olives Stuffed with Thyme - Healthy Snacks 700gAl Ahlam's green olives stuffed with thyme have an incredible depth of taste. Rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins, these green olives offer a delicious taste seasoned with thyme, making an ideal party ap..
Ex Tax:£3.96
Brand: Al Ahlam Reward Points You Earn: 2
Al Ahlam Hummus With Tahini 400g..
Ex Tax:£1.38
Brand: Al Ahlam Reward Points You Earn: 3
Stuffed Vine leaves | Turkish Yaprak SarmaStuffed Vine Leaves or (Yaprak Sarma) is a type of traditional Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine appetiser made by wrapping rice and various spice mixtures in grape leaves.Suffed Vine Leaves Serving SuggestionsYou can serve Yaprak Sarma directly on the plat..
Ex Tax:£3.96
Brand: Al Ahlam
Baba Ganouj | Baba Ghanouj Eggplant Dip Al Ahlam 400gBaba Ghanouge (Baba Ganouj or Mutabbal) is considered one of the important and delicious foods known in the world, and it is characterized by its delicious and wonderful taste, and it contains many important nutrients. Baba Ghanoug has a..
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Brand: Kasih Reward Points You Earn: 5
Hummus Tahini | Kasih Hummus Tahina 1Kg..
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Brand: ALKOTOF ALDANYA Reward Points You Earn: 10
Medjool Dates | Large Premium Medjoul Dates 900gMedjool Dates are one of the finest types of dates. They are moist, sweet and delicious. Medjool dates come in varying sizes but in general they are larger than other types of dates. Medjool dates are meaty, juicy and are naturally sweet with no sugar ..
Ex Tax:£10.99
Brand: TRS Reward Points You Earn: 3
Rice Flour TRS 1.5KgTRS Rice Flour will add a nutty taste to you favourite home-baked recipes. Made with the whole rice kernels, it contains fibre, vitamins and minerals. It makes an excellent flour for sauces, shortbread and for coating foods.This gluten-free rice flour, also know as rice powd..
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Brand: Al Ahlam Reward Points You Earn: 6
Al Ahlam Tahini Dressing | Tahina 800gWhere to Buy Tahini Dressing?You can buy Tahini Dressing from Feedo! At Feedo; The No.1 UK Online Continental Supermarket, We have the largest collection of tahini sauce and dressings from various suppliers from the Middle East, as well as loads o..
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Reward Points You Earn: 12
 Ajwa Dates (Khajoor Madina Dates) 450gWhat is Ajwa dates?Ajwa dates have mild sweet taste with raisin-like texture and a dark brown crust. Nutritiously packed dates, large enough to please you and provide you with most of the minerals for a good boost of energy you need. Ajwa dates are grown e..
Ex Tax:£13.30
Brand: Durra
Baba Ganouj | Al Durra Baba Ghanouj 370gA Middle Eastern and Mediterranean eggplant dip- Al Durra baba ghanouj is a delectable appetizer, preferred for its luscious, creamy texture with a somewhat smoky flavor. Usually eaten with pita bread but can also be used as a spread on crackers, chips, b..
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Brand: Natco
Chickpeas | Hummus | Natco 400g | Vegan | Vegetarian..
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Brand: Aytac Reward Points You Earn: 2
Double Roasted Chickpeas Snack 200gEnjoy chickpeas in their original form, but with a wonderfully enticing taste! Heavenly tasty and full of healthy protein, these chickpeas are the perfect snack for all your afternoon snacks and cool down moments. These unsalted chickpeas are perfect for ..
Ex Tax:£1.64
Brand: Aytac Reward Points You Earn: 2
Monalisa Sugared Chickpeas Snacks 180gAn irresistible crunchy sweet treat that is just loved by kids and adults alike. Monalisa sugared chickpeas are a versatile snack that is also a potential source of protein for your body. Enjoy chickpeas in their original form, but with a wonderfu..
Ex Tax:£1.21
Brand: Durra
Tahini | Al Durra Tahina 400gTahini Paste or Tahina Sauce a delicious condiment by Al Durra made from toasted sesame seeds that is widely used in cuisines of the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, the South Caucasus, and parts of North Africa. It is served by itself or as the main ingredi..
Ex Tax:£3.25
Brand: Durra
Tahini | Al Durra Tahina 800gThis light, creamy and delicious Tahini or Tahina by Al Durra makes a perfect accompaniment to any meal. Greatly used in Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisines, this sauce is heart-healthy and a treat when served by itself or with meat dishes, as an ingredient in hum..
Ex Tax:£5.61
Brand: Al Taj
Tahini | Al Taj Tahina 450gA great condiment to any meal, this Tahina or Tahini by Al Taj is made from ground sesame seeds. Greatly used in Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisines, this thick creamy sauce is best served by itself or as a major ingredient in hummus, baba ganoush, halvas, or poured..
Ex Tax:£3.62
Brand: Aytac
Tahini | Aytac Tahina 300gAytac Tahini paste is made with premium quality toasted sesame seeds, grounded to obtain a delicious, nutritious, and silky smooth textured paste. Not just for hummus, it is ideal for making baba ganoush or can be eaten as it is, or whipped into a dip, spread on a toast, al..
Ex Tax:£3.25
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