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Every occasion whether it is an anniversary, wedding, birthday, house party, or any other event, can be set apart with happy and cherishing memories and fabulous gifts. 

Find the best Gifts & Perfumes for your loved ones on their special day on FeeDo. You can shop online at this store for a huge selection of gifts and perfume sets for men and women. It brings you high-quality gifts and perfumes from the top brands, with the same quality found at any of the leading stores. 

You can browse through its collection of gift items, that will surely not disappoint you, and get them delivered, safely, and quickly right at your doorsteps.

Black Eye Liner | Rani Eye Kohl Paste 4.5gEyelash Lines & Eyelids Decoration Kohl Paste..
Ex Tax:£1.45
This Muslim prayer time clock with easy adjustment and full light display is a great idea for soft prayer reminders. It also features a temperature display and has automatic clock prayers functions with a special alarm for Fajr, which once set, can automatically get up to x minutes before it. ..
Ex Tax:£16.95
Perfume Azeezah Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Perfumes is a fresh, warm perfume with white flowers and citrus notes.A bright and positive perfume, full of lightness and exhilaration, which is just perfect for any occasion...
Ex Tax:£11.85
Perfume without alcohol, this practical bottle has a roller to apply the fragrance oil with 10ml content.A good gift to friends who will appreciate your taste and attention...
Ex Tax:£1.30
With its unique formula enriched with natural ingredients, this black seed massage rub keeps your skin smooth, healthy, and soft. You can apply it several times a day on the area and gently massage it. ..
£3.99 £4.99
Ex Tax:£3.99
A treat for the senses - Dirham Oriental Incense, beautifully packaged with an elegant box...
Ex Tax:£2.30
This small and compact designed, LED light display finger counter is universally used as a counter anywhere Tasbeeh. It has an adjustable strap ring that fits comfortably in your index finger. ..
Ex Tax:£1.59
Midnight Oud Perfume Oil by Ard Al Zaafaran is a dark, smoky, spicy, oriental men's fragrance.Main accords: balsamic, fresh spicy, warm spicy, smoky, amber..
Ex Tax:£2.50
With a captivating oriental floral fragrance, Orientica brings alcohol-free, Sapphire concentrated perfume oil, perfect for both men and women, in a roll-on vial that makes it easy to anoint. ..
Ex Tax:£2.85
Perfume Oud Fazza Eau de Parfum by Ard Al Zaafaran is a warm, spicy fragrance for women and men...
Ex Tax:£11.85
Perfume Qimmah Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Perfumes is an elegant, tempting oriental perfume for men...
Ex Tax:£13.55
Snake oil is an original and natural product, free from alcohol and chemicals. It feeds the hair and prevents precipitation, and helps hair to grow again. Moreover, it also regenerates damaged hair bulbs in a short time. ..
Ex Tax:£5.95
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