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Because our skin is bombarded every day with foreign influences like the scorching sun, biting cold weather, drying winds, dirt, and bacteria, it is necessary to preserve the health of our skin with the selection of right soaps for a better and healthy life.  

FeeDo, an online Arabic and Continental store, brings you high-quality Soaps from the leading and reputable brands, with the same quality as that found at any of the leading stores.

At FeeDo, you will find different varieties of soaps in the form of soap bars, shower gels, and liquid hand washes, that with their captivating aromas, enriched moisturizers, and enhanced cleansing powers leave your skin soft, smooth, and cleansed.

Brand: Eido Reward Points You Earn: 6
Natural Original Moroccan Soap with Hand Glove This soap is a wonderful body treatment. It removes dead skin cells and toxins leaving your body with extraordinary smoothness and silky finish! This Moroccan soap is suitable for all skin types and is especially delightful..
Ex Tax:£6.59
Cussons Carex protect plus original hand wash offers extra care and protection for up to two hours between washes. It kills 99.9% bacteria and comes with a unique blend of moisturizers that helps in keeping your skin soft and smooth. ..
Ex Tax:£1.38
Dove beauty cream bar soap gently cleanses your skin, leaving it softer, and more radiant-looking, than the normal soaps. It contains ¼ moisturizers full of gentle cleaners that do not make your skin dry out but soaks into it, so it feels cleaner and softer...
Ex Tax:£0.72
Johnson's baby soap- One of the mildest, gentlest, and completely safe soap for your baby. The formula has added moisture and a slight fragrance that leaves your baby’s delicate skin healthy, soft, and smooth. ..
Ex Tax:£1.27
This Aleppo soap bar by Queen is traditionally made with olive oil and bay leaf extract. It is a large and durable soap bar that has organic fragrance and cleans effectively, leaving your skin fresh and soft...
Ex Tax:£2.37
Queen Olive Oil Soap 200gThis traditionally made natural olive oil soap by Queen is ideal for moisturizing all skin types. It produces a rich, velvety foam that leaves your skin and hair soft and refreshed. ..
Ex Tax:£2.37
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