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Laundry is pivotal in both household and commercial cleaning. Detergents are an absolute necessity in the laundry with the job to remove the most challenging stains, dirt, and odors from washable laundry items.

FeeDo, an online Arabic and Continental store, brings you some of the best quality and efficient Laundry items, from the leading and reputable brands, with the same quality as that found at any of the grocery stores.

These items are quick, effective, and tough on stains and give you powerful stain removal along with excellent clothing care. You can find a quality range of laundry items at FeeDo, and get them delivered safely and quickly right at your doorsteps.

Persil Powercaps Non-Bio Detergent Capsule is quick, effective, and tough on stains. Its gentle non-bio capsule formula is perfect for delicate and sensitive skin. The pack is suitable for up to 8 washes and gives you powerful stain removal and excellent clothing care. ..
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