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Brand: Al Ahlam
Al Ahlam Dates Vinegar 500ml..
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Al Durra Egyptian Small Melon Seeds 300g
New -51 %
Brand: Durra
Al Durra Egyptian Small Melon Seeds 300g..
£1.05 £2.15
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Brand: Aytac
Aytac Extra Flour 5kg..
£3.25 £6.50
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Cussons Carex Aloe Vera Hand Gel Family Size Bottle 300ml..
£2.79 £3.99
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Feta Cheese In Oil With Herbs (Jar) Gazi 375g..
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Goat Labneh in Oil With Red Pepper | Golden Plate 225g..
£1.00 £3.45
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Gram Flour (Besan) KTC 2kg
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Gram Flour (Besan) KTC 2kg..
£1.55 £3.10
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Brand: Natco
Mango Pulp Kesar Natco 850g..
£1.55 £2.20
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Brand: Nestlé
Nestle Carnation Extra Thick Cream 170g..
£0.50 £1.05
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PG tips 40s Pyramid Teabags 116g..
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Plain Goat Labneh in Oil | Golden Plate 225g..
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 Ajwa Dates (Khajoor Madina Dates) 450gWhat is Ajwa dates?Ajwa dates have mild sweet taste with raisin-like texture and a dark brown crust. Nutritiously packed dates, large enough to please you and provide you with most of the minerals for a good boost of energy you need. Ajwa dates are grown e..
£9.70 £11.99
Ex Tax:£9.70
Brand: Aytac
Aytac strawberry jam is nothing but a strawberry lover’s dream come true. Made from fresh strawberries with no artificial color or flavor, this jam can be used in the center of tarts and cookies, with your morning oatmeal, shortbread, scones, or spoon it over your favorite ice cream to turn them int..
£0.75 £1.55
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Chtoura brings you premium corn kernels that preserve its naturally sweet taste and color. Perfect to be served straight from the can, or as a side dish seasoned with butter. It adds a delectable taste and appetizing dash of bright color to chowders, stews, stews, salads, and salsas.  ..
£0.75 £1.05
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Halva Pistachio Darna 400gDarna brings you an incredibly delicious and sweet confectionary, called Halva prepared with small chunks of nutritious pistachios. Savored straight out of the box or can be served with warm Arabic bread. ..
£1.35 £2.75
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Oilio’s Sunflower Oil has a wonderful aroma and is pure, light and cholesterol-free. Perfect for frying, salads, baking, and pastries...
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Brand: EatSunnah
Olive Oil | Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gold Eatsunnah 250ml..
£2.30 £4.65
Ex Tax:£2.30
Brand: Durra
Olives | AL Durra Halabi Green Olives - Healthy Snacks 650gAl Durra brings you the traditional Halabi green olives that you’re used to. These delightfully aromatic green olives will be an indispensable item of your breakfasts, salads, pasta, tacos, pizzas, a healthy snack and much more.&nb..
£1.50 £3.00
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Brand: EatSunnah
Olives | Eatsunnah Pitted Mista Maçanilha Olives - Healthy Snacks (Net:160g)..
£0.20 £1.25
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Brand: EatSunnah
Organic Cider Vinegar Balsamic Gold Eatsunnah 250ml..
£1.00 £2.05
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