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Baklava Mix Set Al Sham Sweets 450g..
£8.95 £12.80
Ex Tax:£8.95
Best One Sunflower Oil 1LtrHigh in polyunsaturated fats, Best One offers you pure and light sunflower oil. Ideal for salad dressings, frying, and roasting dishes...
£1.40 £2.00
Ex Tax:£1.40
Breadsticks With Black Seeds Sham Farms 500g..
£1.70 £2.45
Ex Tax:£1.70
Brand: Al Ahlam
Breadsticks With Sesame Al Ahlam 450g..
£1.80 £2.55
Ex Tax:£1.80
Brand: Yaren
Cabbage (Lahana) Pickles Yaren 700g..
£1.20 £1.69
Ex Tax:£1.20
Cheese Sticks | Teksut Cubuk Peyniri 200g..
£2.20 £3.10
Ex Tax:£2.20
Chocolate | Violet Double Twist Gondol Coconut Chocolate 700gr..
£4.50 £6.45
Ex Tax:£4.50
Chocolate | Violet Double Twist Gondol Hazelnut Chocolate 700gr..
£4.50 £6.45
Ex Tax:£4.50
Chocolate | Violet Double Twist Gondol Strawberry Chocolate 700gr..
£4.50 £6.45
Ex Tax:£4.50
Coconut Desiccated Medium 1 Kg..
£3.40 £4.90
Ex Tax:£3.40
Colman's Cranberry Sauce Jar 165gTry pairing the rich and fruity Colman's Cranberry Sauce with a juicy roast chicken or turkey.Ingredients:Cranberries (45%), sugar, water, gelling agent (pectin), lemon juice concentrate, preservative (potassium sorbate)...
£0.85 £1.15
Ex Tax:£0.85
Brand: Colman's
Colman's English Mustard 170gOriginal Colman's English Mustard makes any meal instantly delicious – this is a classic. Put a fiery helping on your roast, stir generously into your gravy or lash onto your sandwich.Ingredients:Water, MUSTARD flour (21%), sugar, salt, WHEAT flour, turmeric, citric..
£1.80 £2.10
Ex Tax:£1.80
Cookies With Chocolate and Coconut (Kurabiye) - Halal 280g..
£1.30 £1.79
Ex Tax:£1.30
Brand: Aytac
Cookies With Raisins Aytac 350g..
£1.40 £1.99
Ex Tax:£1.40
Dates | Al Barari Mashed Date 900g..
£1.50 £2.15
Ex Tax:£1.50
Dates | Al Dahri Khalas Dates 1kg..
£1.90 £2.70
Ex Tax:£1.90
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