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Cooking tools

Before sautéing, stirring, straining, or mixing, you can equip your kitchen with essential cooking tools to make meal prep easy.  From unique metallic falafel scoop to conventional skimmers, your dream kitchen is calling you.

FeeDo, an online Arabic and Continental store, brings you some of the best quality Cooking Tools, from the leading and reputable manufacturers, with the same quality as that found at any of the kitchen tool stores.

At FeeDo, you will find an extensive list of cooking tools that make your cooking very convenient. The variety of cooking tools ranges from can opener, garlic press, mortar and pestle, to knives, cutting boards, ladles, and much more.

An essential kitchen tool- This safe and easy to open Can Opener helps you open cans in a breeze. It is sturdy in construction and ergonomically designed, great for a variety of cans including canned meat, canned fish, metal cans, condensed milk cans, and much more...
Ex Tax:£2.55
Falafel Metallic ScoopFalafel metallic  scoop is well-known in the Middle East to make falafels. Whether you are making falafels in a commercial environment or a household kitchen, this easy to use metallic falafel maker is just perfect to make hundreds or more falafels in an hour...
Ex Tax:£0.55
This durable and easy to use Garlic Press is a premium quality garlic crusher and chopper, perfect for domestic and professional kitchens alike. Moreover, this amazing garlic press is a multipurpose tool as it allows you to crush peppercorns, cumin seeds, onions, nuts, ginger, and coriander seeds as..
Ex Tax:£2.30
Prima Housewares 7pk Knife setThis knife set by Prima Housewares brings you all the essential knives needed for a fully stocked arsenal kitchen. It includes 7 knives that are functional, easy to clean, and store. They make cutting and chopping easier and efficient, thus reducing your food preparatio..
Ex Tax:£3.00
This lightweight and durable, Prima’s stainless steel slotted turner is ideal for daily use in the kitchen. Its ergonomic handle gives a comfortable grip and features a hole in the end for easy hanging and storage. Its slotted design help drain oils, grease, or sauces, and its flexible edges lightly..
Ex Tax:£1.10
Constructed with a durable nylon body and featuring rubbered handles for a comfortable grip, this black ladle by Tower Nylon can be a nice addition to any kitchen. Ideal for soups, sauce, or gravies. ..
Ex Tax:£0.70
This wide and lightweight black skimmer by Tower Nylon is made with a durable nylon body and has a rubbered handle to provide you easy grip every time you use this proficient kitchen tool. It is perfect to skim foam, excess fat, or impurities from foods as they cook. ..
Ex Tax:£0.70
This lightweight, durable, and made with nylon, Tower Nylon’s black slotted turner is great for daily kitchen use. Its rubbered handle provides you a comfortable grip every time you use this proficient tool. Its slotted design makes it ideal for frying, with its flexible edges lightly slide under th..
Ex Tax:£0.70
Designed for durability, ease of use, and convenient cleaning, this black spoon by Tower Nylon is made with a strong nylon body. It has an ergonomically enhanced handle for a comfortable grip. This light kitchen tool does work of stirring and mixing efficiently. ..
Ex Tax:£0.70
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