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Kitchen Accessories

FeeDo, an online Arabic and Continental store, offers you one of the most versatile list of kitchen accessories that has everything you need. These accessories makes cooking and prepping meals easy. It brings you some of the best quality Kitchen Accessories, from the leading and reputable manufacturers, with the same quality, as that found at any of the kitchen utensil stores. 

From quality plastic squeezers, courgette corer, vegetable strainers, to durable freezer bags, kitchen foil, chopping board, FeeDo, has it all. You can browse through their selection of kitchen accessories and get them delivered safely and quickly right at your doorstep. 


This beautiful blue colored bowl is great for serving condiments like sugar or sweets. It is elegant and durable, perfect for daily use, or on special occasions. ..
Ex Tax:£1.10
Courgette corer- A kitchen tool for easily removing the core of numerous vegetables and fruits for making wonderful stuffed recipes. This easy hand coring drill is made from durable stainless steel that helps in effortless removing of seeds from long hard vegetables like squash, eggplant, zucchini, ..
Ex Tax:£2.20
Edgo brings you one of the best vegetable strainers that will give you a better food drainage experience than ever before. This simple, lightweight, yet strong white strainer helps you rinse vegetables, herbs, pasta, rice, or much more, safely and conveniently in a blink of an eye. It features a pat..
Ex Tax:£0.95
This incredibly beautiful green colored sugar bowl is ideal for serving condiments such as sugar or sweets. It is durable, elegant, and great for daily use, or on special occasions. ..
Ex Tax:£1.00
Organize all of your favorite mugs in this handy orange tree that goes well in any kitchen. It can conveniently hold 6 coffee mugs or teacups for easy access on the kitchen counter. ..
Ex Tax:£2.55
This easy to clean and dependable Plastic Chopping Board is great for all your prepping needs. It is thick, does not bend, and ensures stability while cutting and chopping. It saves space and is durable that does not dull your knives. ..
Ex Tax:£2.75
A safe and easy to open, Prima Can Opener is an essential kitchen tool that lets you open cans in a breeze. Sturdy in construction and ergonomically enhanced, it can be used to open a variety of cans like canned fish, canned, meat, condensed milk cans, metal cans, and many more. ..
Ex Tax:£1.30
Prima brings you its super durable and high-quality kitchen foil, ideal to be used for the toughest of jobs from the oven to the freezer without the risk of any tear. Perfect for wrapping food for grilling, baking, preparing, or storing. Keep your food fresh for a longer duration by using this kitch..
Ex Tax:£1.10
Pizzas are delicious, but cutting their dough and crust with a knife can be a nightmare. Professional brings you high-quality stainless steel Pizza Cutter with a seamless and elegant design, perfect to cut any kind of pizza efficiently and safely. ..
Ex Tax:£1.30
Ratan’s red/white vegetable strainer is specifically designed to rinse vegetables, fruits, herbs, or rice easily and safely. The drainage holes are perfectly sized that allow soil, sand, or dirt to wash away, leaving the leaves clean and fresh. It is sturdy in construction, easy to store, and provid..
Ex Tax:£1.10
Organize your kitchen and dining room with this elegant stainless steel round cutlery holder by Royal Cuisine. Ideal for storing medium size utensils like spatulas, ladles, tongs, spoons, and more, and keeping your kitchen utensils reachable on the countertop. ..
Ex Tax:£2.30
Perfect your daily meals with this beautifully designed salt and pepper shaker set, made of a clear glass bottle that allows you to see when they are ready to refill. They come with lightweight stainless steel lids that give this shaker set an elegance to spruce your kitchen or impress your guests a..
Ex Tax:£1.30
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