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Olives | Teeba Green Olives (Salkini) - Healthy Snacks 640g

Olives | Teeba Green Olives (Salkini) - Healthy Snacks 640g

Teebas’s premium quality green olives are a delectable Mediterranean treat. A rich source of vitamin E and other essential minerals, they taste great on their own as a healthy snack and also when added in sandwiches, salads, tapenades, or as an appetizer. 

Are olives a healthy snack? 
are a good source of biophenols & vitamin E, both antioxidant that prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol in artery walls, making them a heart healthy snack

Why are olives good for you? 
Olives are about 80% water, they are low in carbs and fiber with no sugar. They are a good source of a few micronutrients including iron, copper, and calcium. Olives are also high in phytonutrients which reduce cancer risk, have anti-inflammatory & heart health benefits.

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